Better Outcomes for the Environment

Initiatives implemented by CITIC Pacific Mining at Sino Iron ensure the project operates in an environmentally-responsible way, underpinning long-term sustainability.

Sustainability and Environment Manager Bruce Watson is responsible for delivering on these initiatives and is passionate about preserving the environment of the region.

“The team is using emerging technologies to minimise our impact,” he says.

“For example, we utilise aerial imagery for coastal stability monitoring to determine the impacts of sand erosion and accretion along the coastal area.”

The award-winning programs keep employees mindful of their responsibility to protect the environment.

They include the “Leave No Trace” workforce recreational management program, energy efficiency measures and work combating the noxious spiny shrub species mesquite in the Pilbara region.

Winner of a national award for “Best Industrial Energy Efficiency Project” is the Sino Iron’s 480-megawatt combined cycle gas-fired power station.

It’s the biggest, cleanest and greenest on the Pilbara mainland. “The combined-cycle produces 40 per cent less emissions than an equivalent open-cycle power station,” Bruce explains.

“It’s a great job – I love it.

“I’m learning new things all the time.”


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