Cape Preston Aerodrome

The newly-opened Cape Preston (Sino Iron) Aerodrome, which sees about a dozen flights land each week, is a welcome addition for CPM workers onsite, cutting travel time by a third.

CEO of Alliance Airlines Lee Schofield says the core part of their business is providing air services to the resources sector for fly in fly out activity.

“Having a purpose-built aerodrome at Cape Preston is something that we’ve had an enormous interest in from the start and it’s been very interesting to be involved in,” he says.

Matthew Horton, Project Manager at CPM, has also seen the benefits first-hand.

“It has improved the efficiency of our workforce logistics as well as the experience of our workforce when they fly in and out,” he says.

“We are saving time in our day to day, we are improving fatigue, and we are increasing productivity of everyone’s swing.”

The construction of the aerodrome wouldn’t have been possible without WA contractors like Decmil.

John Venner from lead contractor Decmil says mobilisation occurred in October 2016, with completion in April last year.

“The project was fast-tracked and was only six months in duration,” he said.

“The number of workers probably peaked at about 70 people, blue and white collar.”

CPM values their partnerships with Alliance and Decmil.

“From the beginning CPM has always provided support and their first words were, ‘we need you to succeed for us to succeed’,” says John.

Matthew from CPM says successful projects like the aerodrome rely on getting the right WA contractors.

“Wherever possible we procure we try and do it as locally as we can,” says Matthew.

“There was an enormous amount of pride getting the facility up and running, on time and on budget.”

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