Working with Traditional Owners

CITIC Pacific Mining is committed to working positively with Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate, through regular ongoing engagement.

Superintendent of Heritage and Indigenous Affairs Gary Blinco has been working at Sino Iron for more than a decade.

“The Yaburara people have been marvellous in their level of engagement during the period I’ve been here,” Gary says.

Jeremiah Lockyer is one of the Heritage Rangers onsite and he explains that it’s good to be working on his Great-Grandfather’s land and maintaining the connection to Country.

“It gives us job opportunities now and for the future, for our children, and their children after that,” Jeremiah says.

Gary believes that the process the Sino Iron have developed with the Traditional Owners supports a mutual respect for each other’s requirements and obligations.

“It’s my belief that we will be able to move forward over the next 30 years and develop that degree of respect and enhance the relationship we have with all the Indigenous people in this region.”

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